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Office of the Secretary of the Spiritual Healing Activity
Shakti Genn, Secretary
Shamsher van Hees, Assistant Secretary

The vocation of spiritual healing is a special gift and cannot be taught or learned. The secret of spiritual healing resides in the absence of the self when confronted with the all-pervading Healing Power.

"The breath of those healthy in mind and body is vitalizing. The breath of the spiritual beings, whose love and sympathy goes out to others, is naturally healing." Hazrat Inayat Khan

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Living Faith

Dear friends,

In this bulletin we look at why the spiritual healing leader only includes the names of those who have requested or agreed to spiritual healing, or those they positively know are open to this form of healing on the healing list.

This is because of our respect for the beliefs and wishes of others. It is an important point. When a person is not open to the idea of spiritual healing or is even against it, the effect could be disturbing both for the patient and the spiritual healing circle. If the leader or members wish to help such persons in need, they can better do so through prayer, or through visiting them and establishing sympathy which is also healing. Some people may be open to spiritual healing, but not want others to know about it, or have a need for privacy. In that case also we should respect their feelings and not put the person’s name on the list.

Another very important aspect is that a patient must be open to spiritual healing to receive the blessings of the spiritual healing ceremony. Our Murshid, Hazrat Inayat Khan explains,

What should be the attitude of the patient? He must have a living faith, he must do his part in the work. We read of Jesus Christ that in one place even he could do no mighty works because of the unbelief of the people, and again in another place people came to him with all manner of diseases and he healed them all. The patient must believe in the power of God to heal and he must have confidence and trust in his healer. God holds His blessings out to us, but we must take them from His hands. If we refuse to co-operate in the work of healing, we cannot receive the blessing; if we set up obstacles, we can obstruct even the river of life itself.

So the patient must have confidence and trust in the healer; he must open himself to receive the healing currents for the conveyance of which the healer is only the channel, for life and health are the gifts of God Himself.

Hazrat Inayat Khan, Vol. 8-Health and the Order of Body and Mind, Ch.23-Spiritual Healing

With Loving Greetings from Shakti and Shamsher

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Harmonizing with God

Dear friends,

Let us reflect today on the third prayer in the Spiritual Healing ceremony.

Oh Thou, who art all-powerful and all-pervading, the light of all souls, the life of all beings, the healer of all hearts, forgive us our shortcomings, and we pray, free us from all pain and suffering. Make us worthy to be Thy instruments, so that in turn we may free others from pain and suffering, and that we may reflect upon all of humanity Thy light, Thy life, Thy joy and Thy peace.


Read or say this prayer several times out loud, slowly. Focus on how we address God as all-powerful and all-pervading, the light of all souls, the life of all beings, the healer of all hearts. Take a moment to notice what you experience when you attune to and acknowledge God in this way.

Now read or say the prayer again and focus this time on our aspiration to reflect upon all of humanity Thy light, Thy life, Thy joy and Thy peace. Take a moment to notice what you experience as you attune to reflecting the light, life, joy and peace of the all-powerful and all-pervading.

Then, read Murshid’s teachings below about harmonizing with God and the secret of healing.

The innermost being of man is the real being of God… All meditation and contemplation are taught with this purpose: to harmonize one’s innermost being with God so that He is seeing, hearing, thinking through us, and our being is a ray of His light.

Hazrat Inayat Khan, Vol. IX, The Unity of Religious Ideals, Part 1, Unity and Uniformity

The secret of healing is to rise by the power of belief above the limitations of this world of variety, that one may touch by the power of intelligence the oneness of the whole Being. It is there that one becomes charged with the almighty power, and it is by the power of that attainment that one is able to help oneself and others in their pain and suffering. Verily, spirit has all the power there is.
Hazrat Inayat Khan, Vol. IV, Healing and the Mind World, Part 1, Health, 8. Spirit Power

What light do these teachings throw on the third prayer and on what we aspire to do in our Spiritual Healing work?

With Loving Greetings from Shakti and Shamsher

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The Cure and Confidentiality

Dear friends,

Let us reflect on why, in spiritual healing circles, we strive to focus on health and wellness, and on why we strive to keep confidential the names and symptoms of those in need of healing.

Murshid, Hazrat Inayat Khan explains below the reason for focusing our minds on what we desire in healing, and how this rule relates to life generally.

If the healer should happen to hold the picture of a wound, he would help the wound to continue instead of being healed; and so if he thought of pain it might perhaps be continued more intensely by the help of his thought. It is the cure that he should hold in mind. It is the desired thing that he must think about, not the condition. In all aspects of life this rule must be remembered; that even in trouble one must not think of the trouble and in illness one must forget about illness. Man often continues life's miseries by giving thought to them. The healer must from beginning to end hold the thought of cure and of nothing else.
Hazrat Inayat Khan, Vol. IV, Healing and the Mind World, 3. The Development of Healing Power

In relation to keeping the names of persons on the healing list and information we have about their symptoms confidential, Hazrat Inayat Khan tells us:One must consider that everything that is entrusted to one by any person in life is one’s trust, and one must know that to prove true to the confidence of any person in the world is one’s sacred obligation.
Hazrat Inayat Khan, Vol. III, Art of Personality, Part 3, I. Character Building


A person putting forward their own name or that of another for the healing list may, of course, talk to the spiritual healing leader about the illness or symptoms if they wish to. How then can we both extend genuine sympathy to a person who is suffering and hold only the cure in mind?

How, as spiritual healing circles and individuals, can we best keep the confidences entrusted to us? What points in each of Murshid’s teachings above suggest the importance of doing this?

With Loving Greetings from Shakti and Shamsher

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Thy Mercy and Compassion

Dear friends,

One aspect of the God-ideal that we strive to develop in the healing work is that of the beloved God, merciful and compassionate.
Hazrat Inayat Khan, Vol. IX, Unity of Religious Ideals, Part II

In the first Spiritual Healing ceremony prayer we attune to Thou … whose nature is mercy and compassion, and in the two final prayers we ask, out of Thy [God’s] mercy and compassion, for others to be healed.

Murshid Inayat explains that God has many names: the Great, the Powerful, the Mighty, the Sovereign, but he is always called Merciful and Compassionate.

He also tells us, "I have seen in my life that it is not difficult to have occult or psychic powers; to be virtuous, to keep our life pure, is not very difficult. To be merciful, to be compassionate, is difficult: it is difficult to be human."
Hazrat Inayat Khan, Vol. VIII, Sufi Teachings, The Privilege of Being Human

And, in the Vadan (Alankaras), Murshid includes the short prayer, "Send on humanity, Lord, the shower of Thy mercy and compassion."


Set aside some time to attune to the beloved God, merciful and compassionate.

Allow yourself to feel or imagine that Murshid’s prayer is being answered and you are being showered - washed, filled, surrounded, enveloped - with great mercy, compassion, tenderness and kindness.

Extend the shower of God’s mercy and compassion to others, near and far.

With Loving Greetings from Shakti and Shamsher

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Dear friends,

As we know, the basic principle of spiritual healing is that the soul being the divine Breath purifies, revivifies and heals the instruments of body and mind through which it functions.

Hazrat Inayat Khan, Vol. 1, Whence and Whither, p.171

This letter draws our attention to the breath - the very life in beings and crucial for our health, spiritual development and capacity for spiritual healing work. Although we have daily breathing practices still it is very helpful, from time to time, to refresh our attention to the breath.

Murshid tells us, “regular and rhythmic breathing gives health to body and mind both” and “breath is a key to concentration.” * He explains how, “the Sufi lays his beloved ideal in the swing of the breath. I remember my Murshid’s saying that every breath which is inhaled with the consciousness of the Divine Beloved is the only gain, and every breath inhaled without this consciousness is the only loss there is.” *


Let us start by being curious about our breath. Notice the depth, volume, outreach and rhythm of our breath. Do we “breathe fully, in other words freely and deeply?” *

Then, let us try throughout the day to “be conscious of every breath.” * Notice when you have forgotten and gently bring your consciousness back to each breath. To help us remember, we can recall how some Sufis in the East take turns to remind themselves and the whole group by calling aloud, “‘Hosh bar dam’ meaning ‘Keep conscious of the breath.’” *

* Hazrat Inayat Khan, Volume 13, Gathas, Breath

With Loving Greetings from Shakti and Shamsher

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Thy Instrument

Dear friends,

This month we look at being and becoming God’s instruments for healing. In an address on Spiritual Healing (Volume 8, Chapter 23), Murshid reminds us:

God alone is the healer; those who minister will only truly heal when they keep this truth always before them, for it is not the solid wood that makes the flute, it is the empty reed. The healer is only the instrument which God Himself is using and, in so far as he can put aside his own lower personality and dedicate and consecrate his life to the great service, will he be successful in the work he has undertaken. …we grow into the likeness of that which we habitually contemplate. Therefore constant and habitual contemplation of the perfect ideal, dwelling in thought upon the attributes of divine beauty, keeping the heart tuned to the note of love and harmony, and making this the practice of daily life, the mind still and calm, the heart pure and open so that it can reflect the perfect Will – this should be the aim of life of the one who aspires to serve humanity as a spiritual healer.


In the second prayer of the Spiritual Healing ceremony, we pray to be of service “as instruments of Thy divine love and light”.

And in the third prayer we not only appeal to God to “Make us worthy to be Thy instruments”, but also say the reason we want this – “so that in turn we may free others from pain and suffering, and that we may reflect upon all of humanity Thy light, Thy life, Thy joy and Thy peace”.

Take a moment to reflect on Murshid’s teaching and on these words in the prayers. Notice any thoughts and feelings that arise in relation to being God’s instrument. Consider whether there is anything that might help you to become a better instrument of God? Is there anything you may need to let go of?

With Loving Greetings,
Shakti and Shamsher

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